Holding the line.

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It’s meant to sound macabre; but it takes the coming together of several, seemingly useless pieces, to form a front-line that’ll withstand an assault. Tons of lives get thrown to slaughter because you need to fill a gap in the chain.

Seemingly, un-glorified victims of war. But, they are a key piece; and the Universe will remember whether they followed through.

Principled within that is this military tactic that’s withstood the test of time; a crucial step that’s achieved in practice, patience and repetition; achieved only through collective union of many minds and bodies.

And, finally, it involves the setting aside of any thought or feeling that you are anything more than a tool that’s meant to do a job; and you execute because you must. You hold the line.

If you’re imaginative, you’ve already had a reel of scenes play in your head of the simple but sublimely important element of sticking to the plan and doing your job. You have a job on a project? then you put your feelings aside and hold the line. You’re only a piece, not the whole puzzle? Well, you, hold the line. When you’re in a dismal, wretched place; when it’s hardest to focus on your self-respect and long-term purpose, what do you do? You, shut, the fuck up and Hold, The line.

One foot in front of the other – we already know our plan, where we are trying to go; take your tears, spit & phlegm stained face and still, put one foot in front of the other. You. Hold. The. Line.

And one day, it might come down to the question of wanting to exist & breath, at all! Then what do you do? Not today, motherfucker. You! hold. the line.

You’re not a person. Stop thinking there’s something special about you. You’re a tool. You’re not supposed to have feelings. You have a job. If that is to lay bricks for the greater good, you execute.

Find something & keep moving forward.


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