An open letter to Vasyl Lomachenko.

Are you not impressed? But there isn’t much else to you either. Get with the program.

You are an exhibition the world is missing out on. It feels like I’ve barely gotten a chance to see you before you’ve started to speak of retirement. And, I understand. 400 fights before you even became a professional and showed up on TV. It can get old and you may be seeing other careers ahead of you. And there isn’t a challenge anymore to be had in Boxing.

I’m writing to tell you you’re wrong.

Whether you like it or not, you’re stuck, my friend. You owe it the the universe that gave you what you have today, to leave behind a bigger legacy, even if you think no one is watching. Especially, when no one is watching.

I noticed it for the first time in the Rigondeaux fight. It seemed like you were talked into it based on the hype & attention that would follow. The fight never delivered, in terms of attention or longevity in memory. I watched an interview with one reporter, pre-fight, and your eyes were clearly saying ‘Where are all the cameras they said were going to be here?’. The boredom in your eyes was clear.

Many months have passed but the feeling that you’re not getting the adulation you think you could be getting seems to not be going away. I get the feeling that it is getting more resolute. I know a million seats are not being sold, like your promoters told you. I know that this limelight you’ve been sold has missed your expectations thoroughly.

But that was never the point of this anyway. And life takes a long time.

There’s no boxer in the world today that’s put the kind of time and effort in your particular brand of Boxing. And every ounce of scientific evidence suggests that there’s no limit to how far you can push the pursuit of going farther. It may seem you’re at the absolute pinnacle, but if you look up there’s always lots of un-chartered territory to be found. Shit, you are the pinnacle. We won’t know what else is out there until you find out and tell us.

It’ll be a long time before someone with the level of your capability will come by. Don’t let us wait for him to find out what the human body is truly capable of in the Boxing ring.


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