Floyd Mayweather is about to swallow everyone’s lunch money in 2020.

Slated to partner with fight promoter Dana White, a return could generate several hundred-million dollars, of what could essentially have been years worth of paychecks for several 100 fighters, into his own coffers in a matter of hours.

Fa la la la la la la ka-ching!

Let’s be clear. There is no right or wrong here. There just is. To the victor, shall the spoils go. Mr. Mayweather manages an environment of prizefighters he promotes using his promotional-engine. And what happens when you can now keep a bunch of them in-line and fed with that type of cash? Business about to be boomin’.

Maybe this is how the Al Haymon team plans on raising the capital it needs to fend off the aggressive streaming-services and continue to feed their environment.

Sponsors, venues and a tribe of affiliates, will collectively front several million-dollars to Floyd Mayweather’s promotional business in a bid to ‘coax’ him to return to the ring. These funds are what will eventually become the pot for fighter pay. Now, I don’t know what these sponsors imagine they are going to get out of this. It’s likely the lack of a better idea when it comes to wanting to invest in Boxing.

How are you, sponsor, spending this $100M that is causing a lasting impact? If the impact you’re going for is to flush Floyd’s promotional business with cash, which can in-turn be used to close the environment around his fighters for the next decade, while flexing his promotional muscle to make his own shows, then this is a win. Thanks for being the ruin of Boxing. I don’t think Floyd needs another $100M to fight, leave alone the $600M he’s started asking for.

That’s a $100M that’s going to get flushed out of the business to his bank account. As much as it’s a privilege to watch his exceptional skill on display, what’s about to come isn’t worth that. It’ll still be successful and a party. But dollars that could have been used to prop-up an entire environment that can sustain a large group of fighters, suddenly leaves the system? And at the beginning of the decade? Terrible. It’ll suck the air out of the system for the next 5 years.


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So, SARS-COV2 took a brick-bat to everybody’s business-plans. Anyway, any potential fight he hoped to have this year is gone and the potential for sponsors to spend meaningfully may have gone with it.