The greatest show on TV, ladies & gentlemen.

This, is the greatest show on TV right now.

Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.

The podcasting game has pushed several megastars into wanting to own their content via distribution on their own YouTube channels. It’s also given the ability to witness the existence of yesteryear stars at a pace they are more comfortable with today.

Enter Iron Mike Tyson. An absolute hero amongst those who met him first; a caricature amongst those who met him next; and now the beginning of his seemingly content third inning. And what this is producing in-terms of content in the last several months is nothing short of pure-gold.

The opportunity to sit down and listen, in long-form, to a mind that was cultivated to be terrorizing and watch its adult-self contemplate its existence, over a life it didn’t seem to be able to control, is fascinating. It’s a period of existence many adults hit at some point. But when it’s someone who has stories? Gold. Pure, gold.

Interestingly, as much as Mike would try to dissuade his guests from hero-worshipping him, on-the-spot, this is the only time you’ll catch people of that caliber – his top-notch guests, just give up their persona as they openly fall into age-10 excitement of when they heard of him, the baddest man on the Planet. Some of the guests are, literally, giddy with excitement. These are Global mega-stars.

Such is the pull of a Heavyweight World Champion. A title that transcends the sport. All 3 adjectives are powerful. Capable of making the sport, occasionally, transcend time itself.

Bonus video below of British-boxer Anthony Joshua reminiscing of Iron Mike is menacingly endearing.

Go to 3.30.


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