How is Floyd Mayweather so rich?

I read this question on Quora. As much as the answer seemed accurate enough to satisfy, I didn’t think it addressed the question directly.

Floyd got this wealthy because he started his own Boxing-promotions business. Midway through his career, he deployed a Company that entered the business of managing his fights. Which then, took over the responsibility of putting together the whole show that surrounds a Floyd Mayweather fight-night: Venue, Ring, Ring-girls, Seating, Corporate Packaging, Beverage Partners, TV Partners, Licensing Partners, etc.

He performed what was essentially, a pseudo, vertical-integration of the Boxing business for his own use. The financial net-effect was that of every last dollar moving through his business was, technically, his. Now, this also means he owned every last-ounce of the risk, so this isn’t a joke. He has no insurance against a cancelled fight. But with risk comes reward.

And to the victor, the spoils must go.


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