In the pursuit of cultivating purpose-built thoroughbreds, it seems hard to care when they make a regular horse dance.

History has already chosen Boxing as the fighting-sport that we’ll use to measure and impart glory to the act of controlled aggression between humans.

So firstly, we’ve already spent a lot of time, effort, money and environment-building into backing that claim. Generations of chiseling at the human form; its precision in co-ordination; it’s need to defend itself; its desperate need to prove its point; it’s desire want to stay up on its feet etc. are a unified collection of reasons for why we should just all focus on the one sport.

There’s only this much time and attention to go around. For the fighters and the fans.


That’s it, really. That’s all I got.

I wanted to try to document our opinion on the MMA Vs Boxing argument. Many times recently, I’ve found myself turning/off boxing to watch an MMA event. But I don’t think that is meant to say I necessarily enjoy it. I feel innately forced to look away when someone is twisting an arm in a direction it’s not supposed to go. I can’t seem to get used to it. But that’s ok. It’s as it needs to be.

But MMA players really need to stop asking for a cut in Canelo’s pesos.


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