North American Cannabis: An opportunity to witness a once-in-a-lifetime industry creation.

Publish date: 11 April 2020.

Independence, Democracy, Oil, Military, …Cannabis? North America’s global exports for the coming decades take shape, and lessons abound in full public view. Pay attention.

Vital to holding their leverage going forward, are new businesses that America can export to bolster its balance sheet, while inevitably creating wealth and a large economic industrial complex. Look closely and you’re going to find evidence of such attempts propagating throughout Nations.

I’m not talking about right or wrong. That’s irrelevant.

What it does, in this case, is give you an opportunity to witness a once-in-a-lifetime industry creation. Canadian & US cannabis businesses are mounting a truly Global charge to grow & distribute grade-A marijuana to the World. Backed by a surplus of capital, what’s kicked-off is an absolutely fascinating series of business endeavors that will either culminate in massive wealth creation or come to a cataclysmic halt in an implosion of wealth. And at this point in time, both outcomes are just as likely.

In today’s World, when someone’s telling you they know what’s coming, they’re full of it. Socially & economically we’re in unprecedented times, and the new methods of operation are only just being defined. Unprecedented times mean any outcome is up for debate. Any outcome is up for influence. And North America is continuing to put on a show, in global political & economic strategy.

But as this plays out, paying close attention to the businesses in play, their quarterly efforts to prop up this industry, and basic knowledge of their balance sheets will give you substantial lessons in global business creation.


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