Understanding the global economic-machine.

If America is Don King, Ray Dalio is its Mike Tyson. He manages an inconspicuous firm called Bridgewater Associates that manages $150B in assets; and he absolutely insists that you watch this. If you’re wise, this is the only business-lesson you’ll need.

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30 minutes for the rest of your lives, ladies & gentlemen. 30 minutes.

At age 70, after working constantly all this time, Ray Dalio is now taking the time to run-up every hill he can find and shouting intelligently about some of his most powerful opinions. That’s how important he thinks this is. That’s how much he wants you to listen. I’d pay attention.

In the meantime, here is an incredible video he’s made that describes the modern economy and how it functions. Within this is are concepts you’ve struggled to find the words for; concepts that will take years of careful accumulation of information, and this video summarizes it all in 30 minutes.


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