Welcome to America: The undeniable attraction of the World’s most glamorous playground.


The sweet feeling, of being the fan of a small-time sport in America, and then watching premier-athletes from popular Boxing-countries, line-up & ask to depart for America is an ode to the State-side’s glamour.

So, it turns out that if you haven’t made it in America, as the French like to say, you ain’t s**t.

Take a Sunny California, a grungy Manhattan or a bright af Las Vegas;


all of that potent, freedom-sauce;


the power of the strongest-currency in the World

an unforgiving global-media unlike anywhere else


years worth of top-tier talent accumulation


consumerism unlike any-other


the perfect-combination to make Any accomplished person from Any part of the World feel like they are performing for a kiddie party even after they’ve packed 80,000 fans into a local-arena to watch a performance.

Such is the pull of the country. The proverbial ‘bright lights’ that is America. Recently, Boxing is seeing an increase in its own version of this. Several British boxers have exited, stage-left, breaking long-standing Boxing Club relationships to attempt to make a name for themselves stateside. A proper name.


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America is providing A+ lessons in modern, political and military-strategy. Pay attention.

North-American Cannabis: An opportunity to witness a, once-in-a-lifetime, industry creation.

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