The Grand Voyage

The series of events that led up to this picture being taken is what ‘peak-human’ feels like.

From the cusp of time, whether you chalk this up to brute human ambition or as a justification for why we as humans, must accomplish great things simply because we can – the outright badassery of human ability is on full display here.

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So… someone got a distress call that said, something to the effect of – ‘Get your jet together, you need to be in the air in 60 seconds’. The jet scrambles up to 30,000 feet to meet a passenger aircraft in mid-flight over Spanish airspace.

His instructions are clear. Get a visual on the deployment of the landing gear and report back. The passenger jet landed safely later that evening, with all aboard safe. I’m not quite certain when this series of events were set off. It could have been when that call came-in… or it could be when, several millennia ago,  all was cozy with the world and still some people said, ‘I’m going to cross the ocean. I think there’s something on the other side’. 

Regardless, watching the years of human effort & ambition put us in a position to efficiently and effectively address such a complicated problem within any identifiable constraints is reason enough for everyone to have to keep showing up and delivering something.

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