America is providing A+ lessons in modern, political and military-strategy. Pay attention.

With a perennial limp-dick in France, and the obvious backing of an economically-tottering Britain & Europe, America enters this decade being left to defend her Will largely on its own.

And she is on an A+, gangster, wild-west, global political-offensive to protect its hegemony. Don’t like it? Well.



Global Reserve Currency.

Federal-Reserve Policy.

Blockade at Iran.

Offensive-onslaught in the Eastern Bloc.

Build-out of its Military Industrial Complex.

Build-out of its Oil Industrial Complex.

Experience from its Protracted Drug Wars.

Strength of its autonomous Institutions.

Power of its people to purchase Arms & Munitions.

Autonomous strength in its States.

Its ‘Protection & Freedom’ Services, available for-sale to a reasonable buyer.

Pick any 1.

Deeply-understand the occurrence, and you’ll see packed within it, years worth of Political-Science education. In it, is also the answer to how you can liberate your own Community or Country. Or how you are being influenced by your Society. But, nestled amongst these, are a few, recent, examples of the country having to handle unprecedented scenarios on a dime; but each time You think, American actions, conclude in shooting themselves in-the-foot, the outcomes suggest otherwise. And the leverage they’ve built, is helping them withstand an onslaught, of global-competition.

But the real-reason to be watching, is so you can stay on top of the constant, spooling and unspooling of the Global, power-system. The idea is to stay aware; watching. So you can get out from under the Wall, before it collapses. Any Wall. You need to be able to see it coming.


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