China is showing the World a blueprint for how to shape-up a nation. Push, pull or shove.

And the World may end-up owing some gratefulness, not just animosity, towards the Chinese Nation.

The Chinese Communist Party has lasted 70 years. Which is an interesting milestone. Because it means that China has applied Communism as the basis of their development and succeeded at sustaining an environment that has developed continuously for 70 years; and is poised for future growth.

Every last meter of cultivable is utilized. That, is an incredible statistic.

All cultivable land is used to try to grow food to sustain 1.7B people. There’s a reason for the range of their food. It’s not a cultural problem. It’s a logistical problem. Human-kind will consume what it needs for sustenance, and it can only look as far as it can see to find it. You consume the extent of what is available. You harness the surroundings to enable your existence. It is a basic principle of existence. We all do it. They’ve just had it tougher.

This is a country that left the global scene a long time ago. Or rather, has refused to enter it all along. What that did is give Chinese leadership the time to turn their attention towards getting their own house in-order. First, they had to define what that meant. What did they want to do? How did they want to position their country? What did they need to manufacture it?

Once they had that, they threw every available Chinese resource at that goal – physically, mentally and emotionally. The money for this came from a massive clamp-down of status-quo corruption and ensuring everyone reports into the ‘System’. Everyone else, gets arrested. Russia did this effectively, first, as Putin led the way around the beginnings of the Century. Saudi Arabia pulled this off, recently. China was doing this in-parallel, all-along. Some likely took lessons from each other along the way.

Holding centralized control over of the country’s businesses i.e. state-sponsoring, China was able to pipeline their opinions, talent and expertise into a largely single-player; and consolidate industrial power into a single enterprise that would get better-and-better with time, and grow to be the absolute behemoth China will take to the World. This takes time and the risks are abundant but it can largely be accomplished if you can keep corruptions that could rupture these businesses, in-check. Simples.

Now, once that is done though, what China is left with some powerful opinions, and a bunch of ammunition to go force it into existence. And now the time has seemingly come, to turn their attention towards international-waters.

During this time China has assisted the World by spending a lot of resources and manpower into serving every human alive with products to enable day-to-day lives. At least, that’s how they’re going to see it. The collective bark directed towards China in recent years for corporate espionage; and not giving them an ounce of credit for having largely delivered with diligence, is likely a sore-point for our Chinese counterparts.

And the corporate-espionage part of it it? … In a World of excesses, sometimes you’d wish some countries would just get to it already, to get their peoples ahead.


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