The Grand Voyage

Climbing the crooked-ladder.


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The mafia, is almost entirely built on this idea, that of climbing the crooked ladder. In fact, so are the crips, yakuza, the cartels, pseudo-governments & political-institutions, public-companies, militia groups, underground racket-businesses and almost any other criminal enterprise.

Forged in an idea that, maybe you were born disadvantaged, maybe you were up against forces larger than yourself, maybe the World ravaged through your existence; and so, after some effort, rather than go straight you try instead to climb the crooked-ladder to the top.

Firstly, it turns-out, this is a thing that we all do while hoping not to get caught.

Boys, girls, men, women, people, groups, individuals, corporations, governments, small-businesses, your local store manager, banker, barber; any person of any kind, and in any walk of life, we all share a uniquely common endeavor that we may choose to pursue at some point in our-lifetimes. Albeit to varying degrees of efficacy, aggressiveness and social impact.

And you’ll do this for as long as you need to and without making too much of a racket. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself, as a general rule.

But mainly, if you really study the internal operations of these groups, you quickly realize that there is only one-way to run this business. Most of these groups are diverse and divided by languages and yet, even in their independent-silos, their minds arrived at similar conclusions for how to manage their crime-business. Some took inspiration from those who came before them, sure, but for the most part they all manifested, completely disconnected from each other, in different parts of the World.

The first step onto that ladder is fairly easily rationalized. Its your average citizen taking their wretchedness with existence and turning it into a special kind-of hatred for society; someone with the deck unfairly stacked against them who wanted to build a life for themselves or the simple citizen who chose to operate in the gray until their goal is accomplished.

Now, see, the curious part is not that they chose to climb the ladder, at-all. But that they, all, uniformly, show the compelling desire to get-off of it. Driven either by an individual or the desires of the organization as-a-whole, eventually, almost all activities start gearing toward making their endeavors legitimate and getting-off the ladder. Their businesses start to become legitimate. From day 1, they strive to lay the foundations for when they will become legitimate. The act of getting on the crooked-ladder is seemingly, innately designed to get-off it as soon as possible.


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