The Grand Voyage

Talking to a therapist.

One of the biggest challenges with your existence, you’ll see, is finding the right combination of the right words to accurately describe what you are feeling or believe-in.

In a sense, any of your lives’ pursuits or anxieties can be almost always boiled-down to this fact.

And then, one day, there’s this moment when you do find the words… the right words. Then, things just fit together tight, as a piece of the puzzle of your Universe falls unto place.

When you feel like your brain is about to explode from thoughts you can’t seem to be able to control is when you or any person will finally pick-up the phone and make that phone call to speak with a therapist. That’s the net-effect of your brain seeking an answer to a question that is causing it severe discomfort.

The most important thing a therapist is going to do for you is to help find the words to describe the problem you’re facing. The lack of having the way to describe it accurately i.e. the framework within which you can think of your problems and describe it, is a moment of phenomenal clarity.

A brilliant analogy I once heard equated the daily occurrences of the world to a cacophony of sound; and our questions in-life, as the search for a drumbeat in the midst of all that noise. And just this once-in-a-while if you keep-on looking for it, you’ll hear it – the drumbeat in the midst of all the cacophony. When you hear it, its a type of witnessing of the evidence of your great personal beliefs being played-out live. Hearing someone give you the words to help describe what you’ve been struggling to explain.

I heard the line that solved nearly all of my problems in the first 15 minutes of walking into my first therapy-appointment. I was told, “If you have a Physics question, you ask a physicist. If you have a Math question, consult a Mathematician”.

Without trying to explain what that means, i’ll just say that a therapist’s office, aside from role-models, is a great source of explanations to the questions that make you anxious or ponder.


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