Millions of men have wasted away before it. In search of it. Or in yearning for more.

This cargo-ship weighs ~40,000 tons. That is the weight-equivalent of every last gram of Gold we’ve managed to dig up from the Earth i.e. all the Gold in the World, combined, looks about this big.

For all our technological prowess in 2020, we still cannot replicate it. To make it, man-made.

For Millennia, men have tried to recreate it. Hundreds of acclaimed men have 1 uniformly failed experiment amongst their range of successes – that of trying to manufacture Gold.

Alchemy – it’s not stupid, the Philosopher’s Stone; it is Impossible.

Pick up a flat-sided piece of Gold. Just a gram of it. Let your eye capture the way it reflects light for 30 seconds, and you will not be able to look away. The shine is mesmerizing. It gets brighter each second without hurting the eye. The more you stare the less-wonder it quickly becomes why some Men wanted more of it . All of it.

Having managed to replicate most things Nature has created, Humans thus-far have 0 answers for recreating Gold. Found buried only in the ground, these remnants of colossal spatial-events that formed this Planet millions of years ago, are found only in a limited-number. Most of it was seemingly sucked into the Earth’s core as it cooled, leaving behind only large swathes of Specks for us to find.

Coming Soon.

The history of the World is the story of Gold.

Eric Sprott.


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