Trump’s lesson to the World in dumpster-fire politics.

The Police are an Institution. Any Institution, is designed to innately protect itself and it will do exactly that, with increasing degrees of violence until its last member is alive or until the battered group of remnants surrenders to its higher or imposing authority.

On a smaller-scale of things, Trump was asked by his Countrymen to deconstruct this Institution’s power. Instead he found himself an opportunity to empower his election and he delivered a public lesson in dumpster-fire politics. I didn’t quite expect him to have the intelligence for it.

Any level of damage on an institution cannot be inflicted without direct engagement with its higher-authority. But see, it’s always in the interest of a higher-authority to maintain an Institution as a whole. He may occasionally be interested in deconstructing parts of it. Never the whole. There is leverage for a leader in having the backing of institutions.

In the days when American citizens were protesting for deconstruction of the Police, their President decided to try to bring the Police to his side by attempting to empower this Institution; and its to the potential benefit that some of its leaders might enable his re-election. He essentially asked the Police across America to quash protests with added force. To watch who’ll take the bait. And looks like there were takers. Several.

All leaders within an institution have their peculiar and largely accepted form of operation. How they conduct their business, if you will. Once an institution has gained, established or solidified power, these forms of operation are allowed to permeate through the ranks. Regardless of right from wrong. They are addressed only when their direct authority is adversely impacted. Think of the relationship between Derek Chauvin and his boss, for example.


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