Mike Tyson Vs Jon Jones.

This could work. Give it a second to stew.

Did Mike Tyson just start suggesting what I think he is suggesting? Because this really could work. This is the type of theater the World just might be into.

The mark to beat, ladies and gentlemen, is 4.4 Million. Since live-attendance records mean jack-diddles for this sport anymore, the only meaningful metric going forward for the business is the number of consecutive, signed-on/live-streaming audience.

4.4 Million.

That’s the largest, consecutive, paid audience that’s tuned-in to see a Boxing event in the modern-era. That’s the number to beat. And this could well be the one to do it.

Also, let’s just leave it to 20th century Boxing’s, rockstar bad-boy to come up with the action plan fit for a spectacle. Across the Lands, sometime ago and somewhere far away, a sport called Mixed-Martial Arts had started distracting fighting-men into paying less attention to Boxing. To the point where they can really look out-of-rhythm if you asked them to even attempt it, off the cuff. These boys can’t hit a speed-bag to save lives. And in Boxing, information & muscle memory is half the battle. Straight-up knowledge of the game, and some level of fitness. Even if your age is way up the Y-axis.

A boxing-match is hardly ever as good as the drama it can ensure. Iron Mike here picks a perfect battle. Forget trying to rematch Holyfield in a daddy-bowl. Let’s pick a fight with a 6’5, 195-pound Nigerian, current MMA Heavyweight, Jon Jones.

For a boxing-man, Mike’s thinking is likely that he wins this. 100%. There’s a megaton packed into that brain and body, still. For a betting man, this is such a juicy 50-50, Vegas could meltdown. For Jon Jones… well who cares what he is thinking. I don’t even know if he can box. Probably thinks that he can win it. There’s sure as shit going to be one-gap longer than a second, when Jon Jones throws a combination, and that’s all Mike will need to nuke him into the Stratosphere.

Just think about it.

It works.

On all accounts. It just works.


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