Jack Johnson.

1878, Galveston , Texas: The Black-man in America is an Animal. He was drawn as such in pre-photography newspapers. The ill-informed Country is fully bought-into this idea as all its publications print leaflet-after-leaflet of the Black-peril that is sweeping. He becomes easy to hate, desensitize; and be deprived of his free-will, using the strength of collective masses. Pretend you’re black. Every man in-town, can tell you when to come and go. As a consequence, everyone else can tell you. Now they will all tell you. That quaint form of humiliation alone would keep the Black-man out of White-places. But they would gladly accept more-humiliation in misplaced hope that they would finally be left-alone. As an example, decades after emancipation, Black-people would agree to US-laws that they would keep away from white-women. The Black-community would go as far as vilifying their own Jack Johnson when he married a white-lady, for de-stabilizing the “Peace”. Shackles are hard to see; most times.

Free-will is a birthright. But not everyone is taught how to exert it. Throughout history & well into today, Governments, Class Systems, Religious Systems, Societal Institutions, the general populace and even your Parents will rely-on, and exploit, your lack-of truly understanding its intricacies. Born like you, to be Free, the Universe gave this particular-man the abject misfortune of being born into a corner of Society that was in the midst of telling its citizens that their free-will did not, necessarily, exist; and they are to have no perception of themselves but for the fact that they were the untouchable-animals of society, needing no respect.

Then, an unstoppable force would met an immovable object; as the series of events that would transpire between 1900 to 1920 will lay-bare for the World to see, two things – how a Human must exert his free-will; and how America, though this time with a heavy-dose of irony, will offer another gritty individual, a way-out.


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