For the attn. of Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan.

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Author: CGK Group; Duration: 6-9 min. read; Contents: Letter for Canelo; his fans.

First-of-all my apologies, as I never knew. But, What an incredible name. Barragan. *Goosebumps*

Secondly, the purpose of the following is to tell You, Canelo Alvarez that, You are in a position to singly, capably & completely collapse Golden-Boy Promotions at this time.

September 9th, 2020; start of the week after the announcement of the federal-case against DAZN Media & GBP:

Yes; that week would have been full-of-mornings that Al Haymon, Floyd Mayweather and their fans used-to vehemently entrench to their boxing-crew (GTD; Charlo Twins; Padman; Private Security; Pilot; Everyone) about why they’ve always recommended starting your own, personal, promotions-business. The validity of that argument & the permeance of the habit is a good philosophical-discussion only; for another day.

But today, the World is squarely in the midst of a time when an ‘employee’ should be glad to have a job at all, not expect more. Global-corporations, companies, its willing-management have taken to using COVID as the readymade-excuse for why an average Citizen should now somehow, work-harder, longer, add accountability, add responsibility, with a pay-reduction. Us, lesser-hookers, have gladly agreed.

Global offices are filled with talented people who have now developed the abject-insecurity to ask for anything more, because it would be ungrateful. Perhaps, owners & employers, that in under 2 weeks of COVID asking for loan-help from the government should not do any grandstanding, at all. You’re a shit business & you probably, deserved to die.

Your lawsuit will serve us all, as a lesson in leverage; and beginning to exert it. For those who do not know, the lawsuit is a fully-loaded cannon, aimed squarely at the jaw of his employer DAZN Group & his long-term, pseudo-employing promoter, Golden-Boy Promotions for gross, breach of contract. It is. It should mark the effective-end of his relationship with Eric Gomez & Oscar De La Hoya, GBP’s co-managers. The crown-jewel of GBP’s boxing-business, is about to come-off in an event that should be a lot more unthinkable than it is, at the moment – a relationship with someone who found you at age 15 is a special kind-of, straightjacket-hell, to twitch out-of. But, if Canelo were to Will it, he can make it such that there is no more Crown, at all.


Here’s how two parties (DAZN & GBP) setup a ~$350M USD, ~10-fight contract for Canelo. When a fight comes-up, DAZN would pay GBP a license-fee of $40 million to telecast the fight. GBP would take $5M of that & wire the rest to Canelo as his fight-fee, thus always guaranteeing GBP a pay-out, upfront, with no downside. In fact they don’t even have to wait for Canelo to cut them a 10% fee for promotional services after he gets paid. GBP pays themselves first and pays Canelo, later. That’s how much trust Canelo put in them that he will get paid (Or GBP got him talked-into). But today, a series of circumstances have created a spectacular-scenario where the time has come for GBP to participate in the downside; and, they don’t want to do it. GBP owes Canelo, two $35 million paychecks this year. It’s not Canelo’s problem that GBP set up an agreement without having any ability to actually collect. GBP, instead, bathed in the security that they would get paid regardless. That’s what golden-geese should do. Lay eggs that the owner gets to just, collect. A strategy that should make a counter-party sick to his stomach with the level of ‘less work, more pay’ that GBP exerted, has now come home to roost. When all shakes-out in court, GBP must likely be found liable of $70M owed immediately, to Canelo. If they don’t have that money to pay, its shutters on the business. If this thing goes to court, I can’t wait to see GBP’s balance-sheet get displayed. I’d recommend GBP immediately begin preparing a lawsuit against DAZN to collect that exact-amount, but DAZN can easily shut the door on GBP in a way they cannot with Canelo. Leverage, is a beautiful thing. I’m sure GBP can find it, if they look hard enough. Their only way-out is likely, to settle.

Humble illustration to depict the state-of-boxing. And, this was pre-covid. For right-now? Pretend a shotgun were aimed at it, point-blank, for funsies.

You knew the business you were getting into DAZN! You expected it to shit gold in an instant? You won’t even put up the initial investment you agreed to #biginvestingbrain #freelunch

Disney, in the midst of an utter shutdown of its theater & amusement-parks is going to pay the UFC, $700 millon for their calendar of fights this year. That’s what good-businesses do. You behave in the right-manner. You don’t see them whining. That’s the quality of behavior the athlete you-signed, deserves.

You’re a failure. An abject failure; for the excuses you’re making. Its insulting to everyone’s intelligence. Go away.

There are a series of ways this could play-out. The pimp in this grand-analogy (GBP) has spent the last-weeks trying to pacify & side with Canelo while positioning this to fans as a fight with DAZN. When the dust-settles, they hope to slither out to the other-side, unscathed. They know they are about to get rocked. At the very least, get their teeth knocked-off. Don’t let them slither, Canelo. Your lawsuit is explicitly, against both parties. Hold-the-line.

Here’s a nice, lil’ kicker. Not a single-person in the boxing-business wants to go to court. The present riches of the business are largely predicated on the fact that the Boxing Fam is a small-group and not enough people, give enough of a shit about Boxing, to actually fix any of the sport’s travesties. Literally, a numbers game. When just a Million people of the World’s 7 billion population can make you the highest-paid athlete in the World, it bodes well to maintain the status-quo, keep shit quiet & not bring-attention to your operations. There is no incentive for the sport to even add fans, since everyone is as fat as they want to be anyway. The powers that be, they don’t want any attention on them; don’t need any questions. A court, where the business has to expose where its funding comes from & how it’s operations are wired, with the possibility of the World suddenly starting to pay-attention, is something the boxing-business will try to avoid, at all cost.

Canelo in this case, has the leverage of likely bankrolling himself into the court-system, to attempt to come-out with a verdict. It’s not about if he wins. It’s simply about, forcing the issue. Forcing the circus to take place. The threat of it, anyway. The spirits of the hundreds of athletic-lives that have been squandered by the Sport’s judging alone, will rejoice in-unison when this goes to court.


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Gregory M. Smith, might i suggest a cease & desist on all future GBP events, on account of using Canelo’s earnings to continue to operate.

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