America hasn’t been able to exert its ability to actually-help someone, in a minute.

Contents: Commentary; Length: 10 min read; Keywords: Pavlos-Fyssas; Are-there-White-People-in-America?; How-the-World-works; Refugee-Crises;

India was, essentially, run for much of 400 Years out-of-a building with two windows in London. About their murkiest behaviors, it is said that the Queen hadn’t the slightest idea, when confronted after-the-fact. Maybe that makes her a gentle-giant and not a Cunt, but that’s still the dumbest-excuse for a leader to admit; to have been so far removed from the details. There’s a similar analogy, with Marie Antoinette, floating about as well.

Now, onto Lesbos, Greece.

From 2010, the total number of refugees stranded on the island peaked to 20,000 and currently stands at ~13,000. This isn’t even that significant of a number to manage. It’s a GA Tech stadium, at best. The politicization of their lives over an entire decade (as opposed to a simple-dispersion across the European-States) has culminated in having their simple, settlements being burnt-down as of September this year. Most-signs point to this being an act of arson executed by displeased citizenry who’ve “had to deal with them for all these years”.

A majority of refugees stranded here are from Afghanistan. That’s an interesting piece of information. Firstly because, the Middle-East & Europe are Worlds-away but, a Map indicates that there exists a land-bridge that starts at the southernmost tip of India, that will egress at the eastern-edge of the Mediterranean. For a ravaged-life, seemingly, that’s too achingly close to Europe. Secondly because, in Afghanistan, society has/had collapsed. Most of the middle-class has long-since disappeared with their wealth & ambition. Those that are left, only have a fiery-ambitions to vouch loyalty as either a Taliban or Government-representative; both have their legitimate claims to the Country. If you must live in Afghanistan today, you must choose. There is no middle-ground. An average Citizen & every newborn henceforth, is being interfered upon, via taxes, by requiring outright-association or by being disallowed dissent. Though it is easy to pin this on American-activities in the region, the flush from Afghanistan that is showing-up in Lesbos is a consequence of this oppression. This situation devolves, as a reluctant European Union (the entire lot of them!) act like it’s somehow these migrants’ fault that their own Countries are in bad-shape.

Let’s ignore the fact that, there is a trail-of-tears stretching all the way up into Sweden, and explore just Greece for a moment; to see how it’s internal politics is keeping such a small-percentage of lives in turmoil. The series of events that’s played-out in Greece over the last 10 years is a study on how hate-based ideologies gain strength. It was clear well-before that. History stands testament to the fact that there is only one-way that society devolves. It’s so evident in-fact that, as a bystander, it starts to become stupendously-surprising how its participants are not seeing it.

In October of 2020, Grecian-courts charged & arrested members of political-party, Golden Dawn, “ending” their two-decade, upward-trajectory, from the organized-crime business to a political-party with > 10 members in Greece’s Parliament. It is an ancient remix, fuelled on a financial crisis that began in 2010. A recurring-theme at that time was the impending collapse of the Greek-economy. In many senses it had already collapsed. Their banks had run-out of money. Businesses were grinding out ‘lesser-profits’, new-jobs were ‘unavailable’ and Wealth was ‘drying-up’. The wealthy had cashed-in their chips, letting the rest believe that it’s the fault of those that remained that there was no-wealth left.

It is fascinating Greece’s current-state is aligned with exactly how a Country is forced to devolve, as it stops producing enough wealth to sustain its masses. Golden Dawn used strong-rhetoric in the past decade to gain such-popularity, that their member initiation-ceremonies involved stabbing Pakistani migrant-refugees in the Bum, for funsies. USING UNDOCUMENTED MIGRANTS WHO ARRIVE IN GREECE VIA LAND FROM PAKISTAN AS STRAWBERRY-PICKERS IS PART OF WHAT MAKES THE GREEK ECONOMY WORK. THERE’S HUNDREDS OF THEM. But Golden Dawn convinced its Country’s populace that it was a migrant-problem & to turn a blind-eye to all their activities! Finally, it took the killing of their ‘own-son’ (anti-fascist, Greek Rapper, Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death by Golden Dawn party-members) for a majority of Greek Citizens to reject Golden Dawn; and force a court-conviction.

For today’s world, to gather a current-state on the type of extreme-nationalism that directly led to WW2, seemingly, the correct place to look for evidence is in Greece. Thus it will be, that one of the roads to WW3, goes through Greece ladies & gentlemen. Pay attention.

The court-ruling is touted as being equivalent to Nuremberg in impact. Thankfully, pre-war. Not doing this in-time, let Hitler run rampant and we ended up at WW2. Greece got it right, despite their current-poverty. But if you understand anything about how power gets distributed, members of Golden Dawn that got-away, which will be many, will lie in-wait for an opportunity to present itself again. The Country has this decade for the World to help its businesses-grow. Else, it’s only a matter of time before the wrong-president gets in power, releases these party-leaders and we’re off to the race-wars again. If it happens in enough countries at the same time, its World War 3! motherfuckers.

America more than has that ability to step-in politically. But she’s stuck in a bit of a rut. The notches on the wrong-side of the belt are starting to add up. Distracted by incredible-pressures (& Sports, really) at home; and the eventual arrival of hyper-radicalization in the Stateside communities via European waters, America’s gumption to step into pressure-points are seizing up. Its People, are caught in a cycle of assuming they know the pulse of the World, while being utterly-clueless about how it is actually, devolving. What America can solve with a forced-exertion on European States, turns into something She doesn’t even know much about.

“What are White-People, dad?”