How is an oppressed class supposed to get free?

“Being able to read English alone can be Education. For certain groups of people globally, it might be the only Education they need to get Free.”

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August 5, 2021
Free Will is a birthright. But, not everyone is taught how to exert it. Throughout history and well into today, governments, class hierarchies, religious systems, societal institutions, the general populace, even your parents, will rely on and exploit your lack of truly understanding its intricacies. 
There’s an excellent argument to be made that Education helps. Modern education is now an Institution, available only for sale. A factory for manufacturing future pillagers, it’s not a swift enough approach for a member of an oppressed class to embark on, if he were to start right now. You are the sum of what you’re exposed to. You benefit from not having to have lived in 1776 to express the ‘Declaration of Independence’. You can read it; they wrote it down. It’s now usable information, but you need to be able to read it to set your folk free.
It’s interesting the type of significant discoveries that’s been made in the last 50 years. No; that makes less impact. Let’s try this – it’s interesting to know that some of the most significant discoveries known to Humxns were made in the last 50 years. Valuable discoveries have been made only in the previous Century. All of it is documented in the English language. If one can begin to consume the most valuable-information available to us today, the answer to their own liberation is buried amongst the accounts they now get to consume.
As it turns out, learning to read in English is exceptionally straightforward, and easy. I volunteered with an organization in the New York Public School System called Reading Partners. They determined if a student wasn’t reading at a certain level by Grade 4 they’d fall behind for the rest of their schooling, and careers. They paired the lower-than-range readers with a fluent volunteer. With a pre-developed package of educational material, biweekly sessions that are an hour long, my Yemini-ward was making significant progress by Session #5. A 30-year-old’s grasp, and intensity, can get them there sooner. The responsibility of having to be at a designated time & spot to be taught to read-in-english provides the type of repetition School provides. Enough to keep someone out of general mayhem in their life; have a routine.

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