One-shot kill

A Canelo Vs Saunders Recap.

Published: May 13, 2021.

Boxer Saul Canelo Alvarez landed the Uppercut flush to the front cheek of Southpaw Billy Joe Saunders, swiftly forcing his corner to forfeit on his behalf in a fight that was not a mismatch.

Well well well. On a long enough timeline…

A disappointed crowd booed Saunders for not coming out the corner to take Round 9, unaware that the cruel blow straight up fractured his face.

He did put everything & his puppy into throwing that particular shot. Many many veins were on display and in full pop. A guttural yell followed an exceptionally harsh grunt as an Uppercut left the muzzle aimed to where Billy Joe’s head was expected to be. Having tried this for several Rounds to only mild avail, Billy Joe started exhibiting that he’d learned something about Canelo’s patterns midway through Round 6. It started to make for an exciting outcome. We’re yet to find out what that might have been.

It had felt very ‘Im14andThisIsDeep’ when I made this first.

But what turned out to fit so well once the Alvarez Vs Saunders fight was announced, became absolutely spot on once the show closed. I’m just here to say I called it. And Saunders should have asked for much-more money than he agreed to for taking this fight.


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