Bills to Pay, Checks to Cash

A Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul Preview.

Published: May 23, 2021.

Fa la la la la la la ka-ching!

Logan Paul will collect a big paycheck en route to becoming an international celebrity. It’s exceptionally curious why Floyd would engage in this venture when it doesn’t have a hope of outdoing his previous endeavor. Unless I’m wrong & this does 5M buys. Otherwise, he might be doing it because he also has bills to pay, like the rest of us.

Floyd Mayweather is about to try & swallow everyone’s lunch money. Sponsors, venues, and a tribe of affiliates will collectively front several million dollars to Floyd Mayweather’s promotional business in a bid to ‘coax’ him to return to the ring. These funds are what will eventually become the pot for fighter pay. Now, I don’t know what these sponsors imagine they are going to get out of this. It’s likely the lack of a better idea when it comes to wanting to invest in Boxing.

How are you, Sponsor, spending this $100M that is causing a lasting impact for yourself? If the impact you’re going for is to flush Floyd’s promotional business with cash, which can in-turn, be used to close the environment around his fighters for the next decade, while flexing his promotional muscle to make his own shows then this is a Win. Thanks for being the ruin of Boxing.

I don’t think Floyd needs another $100M to fight. That’s a $100M that’s going to get flushed out of the business to his bank account. As much as it’s a privilege to watch his exceptional skill on display, what’s about to come isn’t worth that. It’ll still be successful and a party; for someone. Floyd will pat himself on the back regardless. But dollars that could have been used to prop up an entire environment that can sustain a large group of fighters suddenly leaves the system? And at the beginning of the decade?

Terrible. It’ll suck the air out of the system for the next 5 years.


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