There’s no time for Fiction.

Published: June 8th, 2021.

This may seem pointed at Journalists, Reporters, or Writers. It is meant for You, as well. To introduce you to an idea, that henceforth you should write, every day. You needn’t be any good at it. That’s not even secondary. Just needs to be done.

It’s simple, you start by documenting the lessons you’re learning in the world; its problems you might be perceiving. Even if it’s a single word, as a way to plant an idea. You’ll subconsciously turn it into something, to be expounded at another time. Just show up for 5 minutes a day; get the reps. Repeat the act of attempting to communicate complex ideas in writing. to develop your protracted thoughts. A good starting point is a current-state assessment of personal thought patterns; every time that proverbial light, in your head goes off, Write. It. Down.

Do it before it’s gone forever.

Write while the heat is in you. The writer who postpones the recording of his thoughts uses an iron that has cooled to burn a hole with. He cannot inflame the minds of his audience.


The populace also needs a reminder of just how chiseled modern Language is. The capacity to transfer fantastic concepts & ideas to another’s mind, executing endeavors at scale to superb effect, is an underrated skill. There was a time we recorded data only in sound to pass information down through generations. It took thousands of years to craft ways to use words (language), symbols (math) to explain what we saw was happening around us. We’re likely not making the Culebra Cut nor stalling the Yangtze River without that level of complexity. You stand upon the immortal & evolutionary procedure of using these abstractions to disseminate complex ideas to solve problems. Seeking progress despite Nature’s persistent effort at clearing us out. It deserves your usage.

Because at this time, we need more ideas. For being at the tip of our own progression, we’re exceptionally, endearingly, primitive; without the mildest hint of humility to accept that. We aren’t dumping in the Ocean only because we’re lazy. It’s also a problem we haven’t solved as yet. It’s physical, tangible and the scale is offensively large. You got to put the things somewhere. All ears are on deck for solutions. (That doesn’t apply to you, Coca-Cola, You need to start setting up collection spots for every City block. This really is a You problem.)

Let’s take going to Space. I don’t care what Elon Musk has you convinced about this, but we can barely make a dent at the damn thing. Our efforts are spectacular. Utterly awe-inspiring. But each attempt nowadays is only a rough equivalent of “How are we getting there this time?” “Make bigger-boom.” We’re apes throwing stuff up in the air, as fast as possible. It’s endearing, but regardless of which billionaire is at it, in 8 minutes, our propulsion is non-existent. After that, it’s over; only backflips in Space. What I’m saying is, what we have here, is a propulsion problem. Only one, from an uncountable amount that lay pending.

But, they’ll say the World is a battleground. A massive melting pot of constant change and destruction. Napalm, famine, catastrophe, and inhumanity rip through countries; while elsewhere, at the same time, massive wealth creation sees humanity push at the edges of progress, extravagance, and brute performance. Most of its populace has moved on from trying to judge right from wrong; black from white. Things just are. You must play the cards you’re dealt. Stay stagnant long enough and you’ll watch as, one day, ships bring a modern civilization over the horizon and into your waters. It doesn’t have to be right or wrong. It just is.

Well, it shouldn’t have to be.

Now, I think we’re positioned at a moment in time where Nations, its institutions & populations, global businesses & their balance sheets, and the Earth, are wound together in a way that motion in any direction is going to produce outsized, outstanding, and frankly astonishing outcomes. Not enough people are paying attention. And certainly, not as much we should be affording to anyway.

I consume large amounts of information about topics I’ve deemed important. I do it every day. I’ve structured my existence to be able to keep doing it. My primary job then, you might consider, is to study. Then I process; and write. I’m trying anyway. There is much that needs paying attention to. And I’m always consuming information from a firehose. If that’s the case, when you try to pay attention, then the average-populace busy with its own existence, doesn’t have a hope of keeping up with earth-shattering events that take place every day.

There’s a reason ‘The Man’ is always getting away with it, despite all their truths being well-known. It’s not about what’s right & wrong! It’s about what you can get away with. And, the ‘bad-guys’ use this reality to spectacular effect nowadays. I want to do something about it. Writing has always been more effective than protesting. I could use the help.

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