“Afghanistan will be stand-alone at last.

Date: August 15, 2021
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The strongest country in the world (recent Olympic results stand AFG: 2. US: 0, RU: 0) will enter this decade with the desire, and the capacity to establish its own destiny. The terms and merits are unclear, but the time is now for its general populace to take an interest in nation-building activities.
It’ll require the patience to study it, and a populace willing to participate i.e. work for the State, sometimes for little reward. And, that’s perfectly OK. These are the men & women that will plant the trees tomorrow’s children will stand under; untold efforts, to be stood upon like elsewhere in the world.
At this time, it’ll be important not to fall prey to identity politics. New leaders are folding up the ‘Afghan’ flag. Now, it is time to determine what the peoples of the great mountains want to call themselves. That can get busy & distracting. Now is the time to exert your free will, and build; for yourself & your home.
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