The Christian Mythology.

August 22, 2021
Poetry, Letters, and Short Essays.

The complexity of modern communication is an undervalued asset that humanity possesses. We can’t stand being in meeting rooms with each other, yet 15,000 of us will co-exist for months, collaborating to slice the American continent in two. This cannot be facilitated without the simple capacity to communicate complex ideas swiftly and routinely; written and transmitted to be understood, then acted upon.

Modern language is also the outcome of 1000’s of years of repeating the act of attempting to accurately describe the world to each other. All this is to say words, matter. The devil is always in the details. One sentence can produce layered ideas, and you must pay attention to the details. 


Written by Charlie Rayne for Prizefight Promotions Inc. Visit to learn more. Email for more information. Read “Being able to read in English can be Education” Credits: Alan Watts, for using the term ‘The Christian Mythology’ in his modern characterization of the religion.