Stash & Co: Building a premier, global, business-brand.



how much potential

we see laying-ahead, for the Owners & Management-team @ Stash & Co.



CGK Group, (the holding company for Prizefight Promotions Inc.) is interested in speaking with the Owner + Management-team at Stash & Co to discuss strategies, opportunities & gaps we documented on-behalf of your business.

CGK, as a firm, prides itself on having acute skills in the management-consulting business. With an eye on strategic business-opportunities in the modern-era, we identified Stash & Co. + our intended-approach for you as a direct-consequence of how we study & develop opinions, daily.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to describe these to you, in-detail, at our offices located at 403 Bank Street, #3, Ottawa, K1R 6H9. We propose an hour; to allow us to prepare, present & discuss with you, a detailed-version of the below.

We view these as significant-opportunities; to attempt to completely appropriate, or otherwise build, considerable-advantages for yourself as a global cannabis-business.

We hope you will be interested in listening. Please reach us at We can contact you to schedule a time. At-present, our primary intent is to sit-down with you to a.) foster our own curiosity of your business/industry with questions and b.) gather your thoughts/feedback on our thoughtful considerations.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Anirudh Govindh

CGK Group, LLC