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Cash inside a Furnace

A Tyson Fury Vs. Anthony Joshua preview. Published: May 13th, 2021. KSA’s ability to burn money inside a furnace will give Boxing another flush of cash as the Nation agrees to pay […]

One-shot kill

A Canelo Vs Saunders Recap. Published: May 13, 2021. Boxer Saul Canelo Alvarez landed the Uppercut flush to the front cheek of Southpaw Billy Joe Saunders, swiftly forcing his corner to forfeit […]

A protracted stalemate

Commentary. Published: 2 February, 2021. When the market remains irrational longer that you can remain solvent. This entire thing starts a Year ago on R/WallStreetBets. Chamath Palihapitiya wasn’t wrong when he said […]

I am a Champion

Commentary. Re-published: May, 2021. guess who’s back… First Division college football in America is a benchmark against which other Countries’ student athletic programs must be developed. Most indicators show its remarkable capability […]


Millions of men have wasted away before it. In search of it. Or in yearning for more. For all our technological prowess in 2020, we still cannot replicate it. To make it, […]