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Prizefight Promotions Inc.

An Invitation.

from Prizefight Promotions and its parent CGK, to discuss an agreement to develop & distribute our print-publication titled Tough as Nails‘. It is primarily intended to appeal to a parent or grandparent as a gift/present they will purchase for a Youth in their family.

For this firm, the asset is a means to communicate with our audience over the coming years. It’s designed to be delightful and informative; diverse in its content and sublime in the way it educates. A portion of the content is a comic-story (~75%). Telling it visually, in the form of a comic enables us to build-out a touchpoint across the age-range of audiences, and this is intentional as it forces our business approach. Please note that this also means my firm is not in the comic-business nor do we intend to be; but we are capable of incredible stories and need a facilitator.

Click here to go to current promotional page for Tough As Nails.

In the last 3 months, we’ve attempted to develop the story with several individual artists and for several reasons, its with little semblance to what we deem would be worthy of a final-product. With the resources of a bigger company, we are extremely confident of our ability to manage and challenge alongside to a superior team of artists; while being able to communicate our final intentions and bringing to life what Prizefight Promotions truly imagines ‘Tough as Nails’ becoming.

Our early approach was to develop a 10,000 copy first-run of the current volume that can ship to India, Canada, USA. We’d like to propose a similar approach to a partner, in hope that my firm can quickly develop a final product, initiate our customer interaction efforts and bring on-board for you a potential lucrative, long-term asset.

Read prologue & full-script here.

Best Wishes

Anirudh Govindh.

Prizefight Promotions Inc.

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