Prizefight Promotions Inc.

We are Boxing.


and urgently, albeit graciously, requests your assistance in the development & distribution of our first print-publication.

This following is intended as an official proposal and invitation to Marvel Entertainment, LLC (hereafter referred to as ‘Marvel’) from Prizefight Promotions LLC and its parent CGK Group, LLC (hereafter collectively referred to as ‘CGK’); to establish a standing relationship on the basis of the business-case herein. We’d like to engage with you in the form of a 3-year working agreement or a 1-year exploratory developmental relationship.

Our firm is working on consolidating a consortium, of sponsors and business-partners, that we aim to begin exerting its full-influence after the next 18 months. We firmly believe the members of this consortium will have common imperatives and opinions as it pertains to what it wants to portray into the World; and is able to explore the benefits of integrating with CGK’s ongoing + upcoming endeavors.

In the months before that, I am working to bring to-market a range of products that will immediately kickstart a way to engage along the breadth of our customer-base; and for a prolonged period of time going-forward. As it pertains to Prizefight Promotions, in the immediate-term, we hope the developmental capability of Marvel, would enable the development of a delightful and informative product in ‘Tough as Nails’.

Placeholder: Sample, pre-artwork, cover.

In the last 3 months, CGK has attempted to develop the comic-portion of the story (16 of 24 pages) with several individual artists and for many reasons, it is with little semblance to what I can deem would be worthy of a final-product. With the assigned resources of a bigger company, I’m extremely confident of our ability to work with (and challenge) a superior team of artists; while being able to communicate our final intentions, and bring to life what Prizefight Promotions truly imagines ‘Tough as Nails’ to become.

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Prologue below. Full-script here.

Volume 1/3

Our early approach was to develop a 10,000 copy first-run of the current volume that can ship to India, Canada & USA. We’d like to propose a similar approach to a you. As a starting point, I’d like to suggest a meeting to discuss next steps. Please let us know of your availability or interest. We’re confident this can be a spectacularly productive relationship as Prizefight Promotions can serve as a vehicle to truly build-out a grassroots relationship, globally, through its endeavors in Boxing.

Thank you,

Anirudh Govindh


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