For a prestigious, Mint or Precious-Metals dealer.

Contents: Proposal, product samples. || Length: One-page; 3-5 min read.



The following is a Proposal from PRIZEFIGHT PROMOTIONS, Inc. and its parent CGK Group, LLC to explore the establishment of a standing relationship between us on the basis of the business-case herein.

We want to develop & distribute a featured-product.

A product we will use to have conversations with, Parents & Children, for a long-time

A product that will persist for lifetimes amongst its owners’ Treasures.

.999 pure
1 OZ
Packaging + shipping
Document the manufacturing-process
We can have the next 100-years to do this, deliberately.


Establish connections with customers at an early-age

Begin an ongoing, lasting conversation

Continuously develop & distribute passionate thought-leadership

Build-out a sustainable environment to distribute Content & Product

Get a firm entry into the global, sports-business

We both want to do what we’re doing, for the next 100 years.

We can lay pipelines for the future… and well into the future.

Join our group of affiliates.

At the beginning of our relationship, CGK will assign an analyst to begin working with you on developing our combined communication & working strategy. We’re confident this can be a spectacularly productive relationship as our business can be a vehicle to truly build-out a grassroots relationship in the sport of Boxing, globally.

Not that you wanted to. But, that’s not the point.


Anirudh Govindh.

CGK Group, LLC

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