SilverTowne Mint.


Prizefight Promotions Inc.

Boxing’s #1 Attraction.

proudly invites you

to be promoted as the only development & distribution partner for our latest product.

Benefits & Opportunity.

Once in-place, we hope our partnership will achieve the following for SilverTowne:

An opportunity to get & stay involved in the global Sports business; long-term.

Add net-new Revenue stream.

Establish a point of interaction with an early-age.

Continuously develop thought-leadership.

Build-out sustainable environment to distribute Content & Product.

Begin an ongoing conversation.

We both want to do what we do for the next 100 years. We can lay pipelines for the future….. and well into the future.


This following is intended as an official proposal and invitation to SilverTowne Mint (hereafter referred to as ‘SilverTowne’) from Prizefight Promotions LLC and its parent CGK Group (hereafter collectively referred to as ‘CGK’); to establish a standing relationship on the basis of the business-case herein. We’d like to engage with you in the form of a 3-year working agreement or a 1-year exploratory developmental relationship.

Our firm is working on consolidating a consortium, of sponsors and business-partners, that we aim to begin exerting its full-influence after the next 18 months. We firmly believe the members of this consortium will have common imperatives and opinions as it pertains to what it wants to portray into the World; and is able to explore the benefits of integrating with CGK’s ongoing + upcoming endeavors.

In the months before that, from the start of our relationship, CGK will immediately assign a business-analyst who will begin working with SilverTowne on developing our combined communication and working strategy. In addition we’ll communicate regularly with a SilverTowne assigned Project Manager to document, develop and distribute content as a means of establishing breadth.

As it pertains to Prizefight Promotions, in the immediate-term, SilverTowne’ developmental capability will enable CGK to bring to-market, a product that will immediately kickstart a way to engage along the breadth of our customer-base; and for a prolonged period of time going-forward.

As a starting point, I’d like to suggest a meeting to discuss next steps. Please let us know of your availability or interest. We’re confident this can be a spectacularly productive relationship as our brand can serve as a vehicle to truly build-out a grassroots relationship in the sport of Boxing, globally. Not that SilverTowne wanted to be. But, that’s not the point.

Thank you,

Anirudh Govindh



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