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The following is a proposal from PRIZEFIGHT PROMOTIONS, Inc. and its parent CGK Group, LLC to explore the establishment of a standing relationship between us on the basis of the business-case herein.

Prizefight Promotions Inc. is capable of telling phenomenal stories. We plan to do that for a long-time. This is a preliminary vehicle to do it with.

This is a way to share stories about the World.

a) To try to re-tell how the World operates.

b) To attempt to teach about humanity’s arrival at today.

c) To bring attention to a plethora of topics the World is categorically ignoring.

We made it a highly-extensible asset, on purpose.

Click-here to read current version of the comic. We want your help in ownership & development.

Click-here to read current version of the comic. We want your help in ownership & development.


Intended as a vehicle to carry our opinions into the World, this will serve several purposes. It is part-Comic book; part-Business plan; part-collection of outcomes we aim for; part-educational material, amongst other things. Ideal for Children, Young adults, Daughters, Boxing-fans, Adults, Old people.


  • $10
  • 8.4″ x 11.6″
  • 24 Pages
  • Issue 1 of 3

 This Issue:

  • 2020 Release
  • 16 pages of comic
  • Trump Card Game
  • Bedroom-wall Posters
  • Product Catalogs
  • General content


  • First 🇨🇦🇮🇳🇺🇸; then ship anywhere.
  • Pending illustration
  • Full-script completed.
  • This is the pre-artwork cover.

As a major-publisher or producer, Prizefight Promotions wants access your creative-resources to develop the illustrated-portion of the comic-story. We attempted this with several artists; for many reasons, it is far from what we can deem a worthy, final-product. If you are a Sponsor, Prizefight Promotions will present a breadth of its business-activities and how funds can be used to enable both our businesses.

Please visit to learn more. If you are interested, write to me at to discuss this on a preliminary-basis.


Begin conversations with customers at an early-age.

Facilitate the contextual-teaching of crucial topics in the World today.

Develop a pipeline of content.

Develop & distribute passionate thought-leadership, continuously.

Build-out a sustainable environment to distribute Content & Product.

Begin a journey into the global, sports-business.

We can lay pipelines for the future… and well into the future. Join us.

Thank you,

Anirudh Govindh

CGK Group, LLC


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