Sunshine Minting (SMI)


Prizefight Promotions Inc.

An Invitation.

This following is intended as an official proposal and invitation to Sunshine Minting Inc. (SMI) from Prizefight Promotions LLC and its parent CGK Group to establish a standing relationship on the basis of the business-case we hope to make in this page.

Our firm is working on consolidating and managing a network of partners that we aim to work alongside as we establish the sport of Boxing that will begin exerting its full-influence over the next 18 months. We firmly believe the consortium will have common imperatives and opinions as it pertains to what it wants to portray into the World; and is interested in exploring potential benefits of integrating with Prizefight Promotions’ ongoing or upcoming endeavors.

As it pertains to Prizefight Promotions, in the short-term, SMI’s developmental capability will enable us bring to market, a product that will immediately enable a way to engage with the breadth of our customer-base; and for a prolonged period of time going-forward.

Sample design for a brushed-silver 1OZ bar to be assayed and ready for-sale.

At the start of our relationship, CGK will immediately assign a business-analyst who will begin working with SMI on developing our combined communication and working strategy. We’d like to engage with you in the form of a 3-year working agreement or a 1-year exploratory developmental relationship to

a) Develop product.

b) Begin executing our combined content strategy.

As a starting point, we request a meeting to discuss next steps.

Benefits & Opportunity

Our firm will do the following for SMI

Add net-new revenue stream.

Tangibly; and this is whilst beginning to cultivate a long-term consumer-base.

Establish an early point of interaction.

Establish a connection with an early-age group; to discuss with young Women & Men about the History of the World.

Continuous development of thought-leadership.

Develop a rhetoric. Document your process, opinions, activities, aspirations and relay it to the World.

A medium to distribute content & products.

Enable our core-businesses. Establish additional revenue streams. Monetize content & products.

Begin an ongoing conversation.

We’re both going to do what we do for the next 100 years. We can lay pipelines.

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~ GOLD ~

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