Invitation to discuss:

If you received this link

Be our guest.

We picked You, specifically!

Help us understand what makes the World go around.

Topics we care about:

  • Problems the World aspires to solve still.
  • Democratizing Utilities.
  • Democratizing Protection.
  • Modern Warfare.
  • World War 3
  • The global sports business.
  • The future of Government & other Institutions.
  • Engineering, Design & Manufacturing.
  • Where You think the World`s pressure points are.
  • Topics you’re paying attention to on a regular basis.
  • Your opinions on Money.
  • Your thoughts on Boxing.

Please email and we’ll coordinate the rest.

I aim to record and publish our discussion in Audio or Video formats. If you wish, remain anonymous or the conversation can stay unpublished. BUT YOU WERE CHOSEN FOR A REASON. WE NOTICED YOU ASSESS & QUESTION THE WORLD THE WAY WE DO. I simply want to pick your brain.

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